Keith McCleary

3D Pen Holders and Designs

Keith McCleary

Random Thinks

Keith McCleary of Random Thinks creates unique 3D-printed pen holders and other stationery accessories.  All of his products are Michigan made.

Keith is a retired chemistry professor, who lives outside Ann Arbor with his wife of 17 years, Susan, his twelve and 14 year old daughters, and a small herd of dogs and cats.

Keith started 3D printing on a whim three years before he retired from teaching chemistry.  Keith has always been serious about using his hands to learn, having grown up surrounded by tradesmen and craftsmen in his family and circle of friends.  His first pen stands were made of wood, first notebook files made from upcycled cigar boxes, and first notebook covers made from stitched leather.

A life long pen and stationery nerd, he is no stranger to the pen show circuit.  His first pen show was in 2014, in an old hotel in Troy MI that no longer exists.

Keith does not sell his work online (yet) but vends at various pen shows in the Midwest US.  The Detroit Pen Show is his home show, and his favorite event of the year.

Check out his Instagram (@randomthinks) to see his obsession with pens and inks, and some of his 3D work.  You can contact Keith at